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Church History

During the evening hours of June 21, 1971 a group of God fearing Christians met in the sanctuary of the Judea Baptist Church (4847 Sunnyvale, Dallas, Texas), then pastored by the late Rev. W. H. Saunders, to organize a Baptist Church. The late Rev. Floyd D. Harris presided, and we were more than one hundred in number. Early in its organization the late Dr. U. S. Cornelius was duly called to its pastorage, and upon his recommendation it was given the name "Mount Sinai Baptist Church" (Missionary being understood). A board of Deacons was chosen with the late Deacon W. T. Wallace being selected as its Chairman. The late Deacon Gus Booker was named treasurer, Deacon Robert Page now serves in that position, and the late Walter McClenton was made secretary. That position is now held by Deacon Lee E. Polk, and Mrs. L. M. Polk was elected church clerk. Mrs. Polk still holds that position. When we begin this journey we were fifty in number. Thirty-seven have gone to be with the Lord. The remaining Charter Members are:

                   Alberta Anderson                           Candace McMillan

                   Patrice Brooks                               Rebecca Page

                   Brenda Conner                             Bertha Conner   

                   James Conner                               Lee Polk

                   W. F. Cornelius                             Lauren Polk

                   Sidney Cornelius                           Joyce Graves                                          

                   L.M. Polk                     


 In 1973, we were blessed to move into our former church (1106 Pemberton Hill Road, Dallas, Texas). To us it was a beautiful ranch-style house of God. A place that God, in his own infinite wisdom, knew we would soon be able to call our own.


God's never ceasing love and mercy opened the door for us once again to secure a beautifully landscaped house of God located at 6819 Lake June Road, Dallas, Texas. After much prayer and hard work this all important transaction was completed in February 1993. Our late pastor, along with the church family and friends marched in "Zion" like fashion into our beautiful church home with hearts filled with praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God on February 14, 1993.  This entrance was followed by formal services and dedication. On Sunday, April 11, 1993 it was a blessing to have Dr. C.A.W. Clark, pastor of Good Street Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, President of the B.M.&E. Convention of Texas, and Vice President at Large of the National Baptist Convention, and his church family to share in our services. Our church family was also very blessed to have many other churches share in this celebration.


Yes, we rejoice in the many blessings and accomplishments achieved through the years, but the Bible tells us that we can rejoice when we run into trials for we know that they are good for us because they help us to be patient and wait on God. The late Dr. U. S. Cornelius taught that patience develops strength of character and helps us trust God even more.

On August 11, 1999, our dearly beloved pastor and friend, the organizer and founder of the Mount Sinai Baptist Church, went home to be with the Lord. Our church family, community, and friends both far and near lamented at the home going of one so close and dear to our hearts. His memory will always be with us.


As Christians, trusting and obeying in God's word, we began the process of searching for a pastor and a search committee consisting of the following members was organized:

                    Brenda Conner                     Rebecca Page

                    W. F.  Cornelius                   Robert Page

                    Sidney Cornelius                  L. E. Polk

                    James Cole                           L. M. Polk

                    Mary English                       Allen Roberts

                    Cassandra Miller                 Rubin Scroggins         

                    Theodore Faulkner Jr.


After much careful and prayerful deliberations in searching for a pastor, the Mount Sinai Church family voted to extend a unanimous call to Dr. Stephen L. Jones to pastor the Mount Sinai Baptist Church. On October 8, 2000, Dr. Jones graciously accepted the call and effective October 15, 2000 became our pastor.  


Through the vision of our pastor and leader, on April 21, 2002, as a church family we were able to retire the debt on our Church home. We were blessed to witness a beautiful Mortgage Burning Service where Mrs. W. F. Cornelius assisted in burning the mortgage. Following the services Mt. Pisgah Lodge No. 135 laid our church cornerstone.